The 7th episode of Mnet’s reality show ‘Produce 101’ went to air last night on March 4. Here’s our recap..

Dance Battles

Jellyfish’s Kang Mina, Pledis’s Im Nayoung, Cube’s Lee Yoon-suh, and other trainees Kim Shi-hyun and Kang Shi-won performed Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name”. Check out the focus cams below!

Jellyfish Entertainment’s Kang Mina won this segment. Congrats to Mina!

In another dance battle, trainees Kim Sohye, Zhou Jie Qiong, and Jung Chaeyeon performed Sunmi’s “Full Moon”.

Kim Sohye won first place for her performance. Congrats to Sohye!

Rap Battles

Trainees Kim Hyungeun, Hwang Ahyoung, and Kim Minji rapped to Verbal Jint’s “You Look Good”.

K-Conic Entertainment’s Kim Hyungeun won this segment. Congrats to Hyungeun!

MBK’s Cathy (from DIA), Ng Sze Kai (Shin) and Star Empire’s Kang Si Hyeon performed iKON’s “Rhythm Ta”.

Other clips from the episode:

Teaser for next week’s episode: